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Infrared Gas Range JL-103

  • JL-103
  • Ouwang
  • CNS 13604
1. Equipped with thermocouple safety gear to automatically cut off gas flow in case of drippings, or strong winds, that would cause the flame to extinguish, an added safety and protection feature.
2. Equipped with high-precision ceramic burner that features a unique rotating flow design, can withstand high pressure, and won't crack easily.
3. Model: JL-103
4. Spec.: L356×W287×H160×Ø180(mm)
5. N.W.: 3.0kg
6. Safety Device: thermocouple safety gear
7. Switch: throttle
8. Gas: LPG or LNG
9. Ignitiion: Pilot Ignition piego
10.Gas Consumption: 2.79Kw
11.Burner: Ø160(mm) ceramic Burner
12.Country of Origin:Taiwan
13.Sales Method:Export ,Manufacture ,Wholesale
14.Payment Terms:T/T

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